17 May
Between 25 and 29 years old - Gains and Losses

During the period of 22 and 25 years, I lost my "gift" of seeing souls, but I kept the "gift" of seeing the possibilities of paths for people. It always haunted me... sometimes it was a blessing and sometimes a curse.

I was doing research at the University and I felt that I had to leave my homeland. He needed to grow as a human being and he believes that only by leaving home could he learn to be better. I went to the best existing research center in my country in my area, I had this privilege. When I went, I was afraid of losing my relationship... but I had to move on and my girlfriend also believed in that. I was focused there. In the first few months, I felt alone... but, over the months, I made friends and got to know my teachers. It was a phase of many challenges and many achievements. I was awarded a public scholarship, which was welcome, but it only covered the basics. I managed to live in a rented room near the University. It was me and my computer, I studied until night at the University, but I was rewarded. There was a better scholarship, but it lacked a very well-designed project and a good advisor. With a lot of effort, I got a good advisor and got my other scholarship, also public, but with better value. I returned the previous one and passed it on to those who needed it.

In the field of feelings, I went through a whirlwind. I was very fond of my girlfriend, but the temptations were great. At that time, chats were on the rise... there wasn't even the internet we have today. I met many souls in the chats, I met several, but none changed my course (obviously, it should be noted, believe it or not, I remained faithful to my girlfriend). On the one hand, I felt bad, because it seemed to me that I was betraying her, but on the other hand, it made me feel that my destiny was with her... I remember my father saying that I should check my feelings and see if what I felt it was true... my father was a wise man, without much education, but he really loved me along with my mother.

In 02 and a half years, I finished my master's degree. My dedication earned me an invitation to do a PhD with a wonderful professor (I still consider him my second father). Even though I was invited, I pursued a path that I considered a dream. Doing a doctorate at the best university in my country, one of the largest in the world. I went through the selection process, passed the language test and got the job. It was a course related to public health and I considered that a path in which it could be useful (I'll come back to this later).

Unfortunately, my advisor, who had gone to another country to do his postdoctoral work, did not arrive in time for my master's defense and it was postponed for 05 months. When the University where I had taken the exam found out that I had not defended my master's thesis, it made me happy, even with a letter from my master's advisor confirming the defense of my master's degree in 05 months, a very well-known person in my area of expertise. I was very sad.

In this period of waiting and repairs requested by my master's advisor in my dissertation, I accepted the invitation to do my doctorate in the area of biological sciences, opening a very large spectrum in my area of expertise.

I had already been dating my wife for 5 years and I couldn't wait for us to take the next step: marriage. So, in the year that I defended my master's degree and wrote my doctoral project, submitting it for approval by a public research funding agency, I made my wedding arrangements. My girlfriend looked like a rising star. I went back to my homeland and helped her prepare everything. She wanted everything she was entitled to and more... we had the support of our families. Countless hours were spent on the dress... I had to stay in the car, buffet, guests.

She knew I still had one step ahead of me, my PhD, but she agreed to walk this path with me. She said she was very proud of me... that took some of the burden off of having to stay away, but not all of it. I married her and we set up our space. I had to live without many resources for a while, as I was waiting for my PhD scholarship to be approved. Fifteen days after getting married, returning from my honeymoon, there was a present to be opened, unlike any I had received in my marriage, my scholarship was approved.

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