15 May

Mrs Stana Katic,

My intention with this text is not to state the obvious or praise its beauty. I'm here to thank you for your help in showing me the importance of the gift I've been given and lost throughout my life.

Since the age of 22, I have become increasingly withdrawn about my feelings and my ability to see between the lines of souls. I always thought this could be really good, but also, like anything, it could be really bad. I felt both. Believe me, the worst thing we can feel is seeing what's happening, seeing where it's going and the person we're trying to help doesn't listen to us.

Throughout my life, I have gone through several trials, which have made me what I am today. I had great personal losses, some difficult to measure, in addition to suffering some injustices. Well, we all go through that sometime, correct? The lessons I learned from the gains and losses made me more resilient, but it made me retract my sensitivity.

In fact, what we feel, in the end, is what defines us as human beings. We have the ability to think and abstract, but what we take with us is the feeling, whatever it may be. When we finish our mission here, what we take with us, wherever we go, is love and feelings. The rest stops here.

Well, you may ask what does that have to do with my thanks? Why does a mere "nobody" write these words to you?

Lately, I have been put to the test very regularly. I sincerely believe that this happens to learn the value of life and the lessons learned from it. As we can see, the world is increasingly chaotic, darker, colder... In my country, it is common to see people sleeping on the street, malnourished and hungry. In order not to get depressed, we get used to not seeing. In practice, unconsciously, we prefer to turn our faces away.

After the COVID-19 Pandemic, I observe that people are more afraid and cling to far-fetched solutions to resist life and reality. Faced with this fact, I've been trying to keep myself sane, trying to distract myself from all of this. I work as an educator and I realize that we are losing the battle in training people not only as professionals, but also as citizens.

We live in a cynical world, where, every day, life is worth less and less. The idea ingrained in a good part of the population is that we should think about ourselves first and then we think about the public good. I have a background in public health and I realize that we are getting worse every day. We are increasingly distant from being human beings and closer to losing our humanity. Wars show us this very well.

Very well, it's been a few days since I finished watching "Castle" and, I confess, I found the ending very inadequate. However, watching you as Detective Beckett, with a sense of justice and deep feelings, the ebb and flow of those feelings, reminded me of the importance of feeling, processing and channeling those feelings to do good.

This blog was created because of that. Here, I can express my feelings and recover what I lost. It is in the reflection of what we are, that we learn to be better. I don't want to discuss politics or frivolities, I want to discuss life and its importance.

I intend and hope to be able to do a crusade to remind people of their humanity, the importance of their community and family. I know that you are now a mother and you know the value of family.

I observe that you care about the most vulnerable and the needy. People need to find the meaning of the word charity, which does not only represent collecting material goods, but also sharing the love for life and for the people who live here. Charity is more connected with love, peace, dignity and collective well-being.

I know that I am a drop of water in the ocean, but I learned, in the hard way, that doing good, even though, most of the time, true good is not valued in our society, it elevates our spirit and transforms us into better people.

So thank you for your contribution in making your art. This message will probably never be read by you, but I had to write and express my thanks.

Sometimes the dream of one, when well directed, can become the dream of more and more people, just believe. That's what we need today, exercise charity and remind everyone of its importance... all life matters and we should all be able to live it to the full.

Be happy!! Who knows, maybe one day I can meet you and talk in person... dreaming doesn't cost anything. I would like to know what you think about this. It would be a great gift.


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