15 May

Dear friend,

I'm an ordinary person who struggled a lot to get somewhere. In this journey, as in yours, I had the privilege of having a daughter with down syndrome. At the moment of his birth, I had a "shock" seeing the millions of dreams we have for our children. At that moment, when I had just become a father, I was told that my daughter would be an exception in a world full of rules. I've always been a person who never gives up.. in that moment, it felt like the world was crashing down on me. I sat there in the maternity ward, thinking about what to do... it was the longest 4 hours of my life... Suddenly, I stopped crying and got up. I remember my father asking me what I was going to do... the answer came out almost immediately.. I'm going to take care of my daughter the best way I can. And so it was, for almost 10 years I dedicated my life to her and my dear wife.

With her I learned to be more human, to be more humble and to be more of a family... I never saw her with an ugly face... it was always smile and love. With her I knew happiness, charity, light and hope. However, on the way we discovered that she had something beyond the syndrome, much more difficult and more challenging. She had a deficiency in the formation of her spine and this prevented her from speaking and walking properly. One more life lesson, because I never saw her complain or take that angel smile off her face.

How radiant she was and made me feel special. But one day, Father took her away, surely carried by the angels who were always around her, despite our selfish efforts to keep her here. She had fulfilled her mission, to teach those who loved her the most to be better human beings. I believe I'm a better person because of her, I'm still looking to leave something worthy of the love she gave me. Since before his birth, I was an educator and continue to be. I think this became even stronger after her, because I always tried to do my best by looking at her example, always happy, always full of life, always willing to learn and always humble. There are no words to describe the blessing of having her in my life and despite the unfavorable outcome for any parent, she will always be with me.

For you who have an angel like this, go ahead!! You have an angel in your life, who certainly has already been lighting your path, as it lit mine. Enjoy every second and enjoy this privilege. In case any storm comes, remember that love and charity is bigger than anything and more important than anything in this world we live in, and with it, we overcome anything.

The world of special people is different, almost invisible to most people... I've seen a lot in this world, in which what my daughter had seemed very small compared to other children.

Go straight on. Love, family and peace are our bases in this life.

A hug, good health and peace.


Undiscovery Writer

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