19 May

In how many passages of our walk in life, we hear these words. I already lost the account. In fact, in the ways of life, we almost find ourselves in crossroads, where we can do nothing or we can make a difference.

Sometimes making a difference is to say a good day, thank you, smile ... It doesn't matter, just the gesture means a lot to someone. I almost always wonder what happened to our humanity, with the vision of the collective and the common good. What I see makes me perplexed, because these feelings almost disappeared. What matters today is how many likes you received from a simple post. Lives are filled by following influencers who sell the image of perfection and a successful life. What happened to the influencers who make the world better, those who use their influence to combat injustices, encourage good and charity, only wishing good to another human being?

This almost no longer exists. The feeling of a hard and honest life, building your family and reaching the end of life, seeing the fruits of your dedication and the legacy you left. Seeing that your passage here made a difference to someone, even if it is for a few people, should be the legacy of every human being. The  omens of wealth, in a consumerist society, in most unequal cases, with the majority of the population having very little and few having a lot, only leads us to a sad finding... Life today has a very small value. Today is reaped by sports, politics, for discussion ... finally, where is charity, sense of humanity, love for life and the world we live in.

In the current of each life and each human being, a dream dwells, whatever creed, color, race, sex, social level ... happiness. The problem for this is the lack of consensus on what happiness is. This denotes a lack of global conscience about the life opportunities of each human being. When we remember the Declaration of Human Rights, which is certainly a necessary redundancy, since the society in which we live, we see that the obvious is not clear, that life is not rights, and that it is prominent to have To declare that everyone has the right to life, education, food, health, dignity. How sad it is to reflect on this.

Why are we shaped to be like this? The economy wheel crushes the wheel of life, because the more we have, the more important we are .. In the digital age, the appearance is everything, even if it is a reflection in the mirror. We cannot be ideal and say "we don't need money." To live and can have access to a decent life, it is necessary. However, even in need of him, we can still do fantastic things in the name of our souls. We can not stand to see what is behind the curtain of our reality, poverty, deaths, hunger and misery. Many times, I wonder what we could do in this increasingly technological world if we used all this power to improve one's life.

But, power corrupts, greed corrodes, blind ignorance, selfishness leads to incessation. And soul suffers. We are all children of the earth, from which we go out and which we will come back ... change our reality today is very difficult, because we are the information society, be it right, false, with half truths, with evil and envy .. in a one Click we destroy souls or build idols ... But what is behind what we reflect on the information? Why do we instantly judge a human being without giving him a chance to defend himself? Why reap a person's life from information, whether true or false, became justifiable action? Why are we judges and executioners, without imagining that this human being, like any other, deserves at least to be heard before succumbing? What if we were in his place?

We are crossing a line from which we cannot go back ... Life is precious and what each one builds can be a legacy for many people. If the human being is responsible for an act that society considers subject to punishment, whatever justice is done with due justice, do not eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.

We lose the notion of how important life is and what it means to our souls. We are social beings, we need interaction, feelings and attention. We will never have it behind a screen ... We are losing what makes us different ... We are losing the coexistence that brushes us and makes us grow ... And with that, we are losing our wisdom. We need to contribute to this real world and not to a digital and intangible world. It reminds me of Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One movie, in which society forgot to live to dream.

Therefore, for the souls lost in pandemics, wars, violence, hunger, misery .. what do we have to say? Nothing to say but I'm sorry. But what if we said "all souls are important!" ... How would this change the world?

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