16 May

Once upon a time, there was a family composed of Father, Mother and three children. Throughout their lives, the most sentimental third child chose to stay with their parents, while the two oldest chose to fly and give wings to their dreams. Like everything in life, it came at a price. Not living with parents and younger brother.

For almost 20 years, the family did not get together. The youngest son, considered the black sheep, despite having to fly to another pasture, has always been by his parents' side. And the storms came... illnesses, difficulties, sadness, joys, victories, both for the child and the parents. They were always together.

While all this flowed, the two eldest followed the flow of their lives, coming and going back to their nest from time to time. Parents also from time to time going to them and returning to the nest.

Regardless of any distance, longing or adversity, they had each other, always helping each other when possible. Everyone loved each other, despite the differences and hurts that exist in any family. And time flowed by, souls grew old, differences of opinion accentuated and realities became very distant.

The youngest son always believed that family was everything. When his mother died, a tearing pain haunted him, because he felt that he could have done more so that his mother's life could have been more pleasant and happy. He swore to himself that he would never feel that way again. He took care of his father, who had been sick because of his mother's death, as best he could, he went through moments of anguish, fear, despair, but also joy and victories. It was a beautiful journey, he saw his father get sick, recover and decide to live his life to the full.

But fate wanted the father to end his journey unexpectedly. The youngest son felt his floor open, he suffered, he cried, but he was sure that he had done everything he could for his Father. To this day, the youngest son remembers his intense conversations with his father, his wise advice and his constant affection.

But, unfortunately, the story does not end with a son's recollections of his father and mother. The two older brothers, in their new nests, kept their distance, contributed nothing, changed nothing, did nothing, waiting for the spoils of a lifetime of work from their parents.

When dealing with the estate, agreements were made for its division, just matter, after all everyone wanted to plunder the estate... except the youngest, who was left with the task of plowing the land and maintaining the good harvest. Several times, the burden of the harvest was heavy for the younger brother, but he didn't care, as he had promised his father to take care of everything until the harvest was divided. He persevered, he wore himself out, he got sick, he moved on. He lost his mother, lost his daughter and father, went through a lot of adversity, always trying to keep the family together. Logically, mistakes were made by inexperience, innocence and naivety. He thought that what he did would be recognized... he tried to give the older brothers as little work as possible during the whole wait for the harvest. He paid part of his debt to his helpers, for no one sets out to work in the sun without receiving bread and sustenance for the family.

Behold, the time has come for the harvest to be finally divided, the bill for the younger brother's helpers has arrived, the storm has set in. The younger brother, who at various times wanted to give up the task, had to make decisions without any support or even a hint of experience, was accused of leniency with the helpers, distrust of the cost of the harvest, became a crook, a liar, an outcast. The older brother, without a conscience, accused the helpers of cleverness and incompetence, because he thought he was so imposing, he lost the chance of the helpers' indulgence. Because he was so concerned about family unity and not wanting to fight, the younger brother offered a part of his harvest to pay the helpers, but the needy helpers wanted the money from the harvest, refusing what was willingly given by the younger brother.

And in the last chapter of this story, the helpers sought the justice that was due to them here... justice then quickly began to make the older brothers contribute to the helpers' pay. Once again, came the charge on the younger brother, the person responsible for the errand, the caretaker of his parents, the crook of his brothers. Sadly, the younger brother whose burden of errands he carried was relegated to oblivion by his brothers. With no family left, he cried, his heart was saddened, the sadness subsided. Thus, the younger brother thinks: "The just man makes the earth, gives it to eat and does not expect retribution, for worthy is he who lives according to his heart. His belief is the truth, therefore the family is the wage of which he does not nothing is expected." The resilience of human beings lies in believing that with each sun that sets, hope arises, love is renewed, charity increases, because we always want to be better human beings.

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