21 May

In a world where we should all be equal, we have very different airs. The aroma of the morning is distinguished by the social mists, some feel the fresh aroma, others a more muffled aroma and others a bitter aroma. Dignity should be the fruity and lively aroma that everyone should smell.

Hundreds of thousands of souls have felt an increasingly bitter and dark aroma, because they feel afraid and are afraid because they do not understand what is behind these smells. They penetrate the mind and fade it, making it see ghosts prowling the environment. These ghosts are well known throughout human history: misery, hunger, disease.

The majority of the population, after the COVID-19 pandemic, is blunted by the fear of living free and fully exercising their thoughts. Prejudice, in general, has been dissipated by information, by air, by words... Thus, over time, what was a lie, became the truth and love and charity were classified as selective feelings only available to those who think the same... The arguments, rationality, common sense don't matter... the feelings, unfortunately, are dulled behind the curtain of darkness and fear and arrogance prevail.

When we think about it, over time, there has always been and always will be prejudice, be it clearer and cleaner, be it hidden behind smiles. Slavery, the issue of racial segregation, the rich and the poor, the more technological and the analogues, color and non-color, Christians and non-Christians, Catholics and Protestants... reason or reason for being, will always be classified on one side or the other. the spectacular thing, when you think about it, is that we all come into the world without any kind of classification, we are just children. Children, in their early years, are free and pure in the best expression of these words. They know no prejudice, only charity and love.

Over the years and living together in the different layers of society, they come to know that the aspirations and ideas in their social circle signal what each one can be for their acceptability in their social circle. They learn that prejudice is common currency and that the rules were made to separate the wheat from the chaff. It turns out that all of them are rough diamonds to be polished by life and by the society that surrounds them. Those who have access to knowledge, education, affection and love from their family are, most of the times, stoned to be stars in the social constellation in which they live. Their vision is limited to what they are exposed to, some to no violence or death, others to flashes of these ghosts and others, ungratefully, to have these ghosts walking beside them on a daily basis.

Cutting is directly linked to social distinction, the power of money and the negligence of rulers. All empowered by those who, in practice, dominate common thinking and define what society is. The utopia of a linear society, in which we are all equal, is pure illusion. I've heard several times that the poor will always exist, because the rich need servants to do the smaller work. And, if we think about it, this has been happening throughout human history, this has been happening in nature... we are all in a pyramid, which decreases as it grows.

Well, philosophizing a bit, depending on where you are born, you have limitations imposed by this pyramid. The fate of who we are depends on the opportunities and capacity for abstraction, belief and motivation that each one has. This will depend on various values... morals, ethics, reality, understanding of our environment... All linked to the path and experiences we live throughout life. In some societies, the jump from the pyramid is just a jump, in others, this leap is presented in more opportunities... it all depends on the evolution of each society... and the concept of evolution, even for the most evolved, still have prejudice.

So, we have human evolution, in which we have extracts and limitations for all souls within the pyramid, on the one hand, and we have the extrapolation that we can evolve so that everyone is different, but that they have equal or almost equal opportunities, linked, after all, to the concepts of love, charity and dignity. Obviously, this is not trivial, even for those who dedicate their lives to helping others. The visions of life are different for each human being and the understanding of what we really want is "mutatis mutant" for each soul that lives on this earth.

Depending on the position in this pyramid, needs change... this can be very well clarified by maslow's pyramid... in which, all human beings, in their evolution process, need to have their basic needs met, in order to aim for greater ones later heels. What can change all of this is the fullness of love and charity, the noble faces that make up the coin called life and the keys to the evolution of human beings. 

Be a flash of light for people!! Believe in your heart and do good!!

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