16 May
Between 22 and 25 years old - The awakening

After the storm, my friend stayed another 2 days and returned to his home. I stayed at my grandfather's house, very thoughtful and trying to understand everything that had happened. In the first days, I was still anesthetized, everything seemed like a bad dream. Two days after being at my grandfather's house, I called my parents and put them aside of what had happened, I said that everything was fine.

When I got back to my house, everything looked different. I stayed off the air for six months, I tried to understand what that voice was that said, inside my heart, to stay calm. I came to the conclusion that it could only be God. I went to seek shelter from friends in a church youth group. I got involved with the group's tasks, I was well accepted and became part of the family. I found old friends there, a kind of friends forever. And then I started rebuilding my life. On my way back to the University, I started to want more and more knowledge, I discovered the obvious.. I had to be independent and be better than I was, because I had received a gift from God.

I became the person I am today and discovered that I had characteristics of a born leader, wherever I went. Within the University, I did everything a student could do, I was a monitor, I did scientific initiation, participated in research, found myself in my area of expertise, did internships in companies.

Before finishing graduation, I was hired as IT manager at a large printing company. When I graduated, I stayed there. However, over the time I was there, I discovered that this was not what I wanted in my life. At that time, I was already dating my current wife... Even though I was working at the company, I continued my studies doing a specialization in the area that I discovered within the possibilities of my profession. Due to this specialization, I was invited to participate in a research at the University where I graduated, earning 75% of what I earned at work. I thought it was an excellent opportunity....

I left the printing business and went back to study and research in my area of expertise... four months later, I decided to try my master's degree in my area. I took several tests in different states of my country and, to my delight, I was able to choose where to go.

Concomitant to all of this, I had several relationships over that time, always looking for what I wanted, that is, someone who would complete me and who saw in me a person of value .. several experiences .. until I found the soul that would be the my wife.... It was funny... I have a friend who called me mr. week, because I changed girlfriends very quickly.. not because of the girls, but because of me. As I still had a little of that gift of seeing people's souls, a few days into the relationship, I saw that it wasn't what I wanted. I was still a little invisible to people, I was still scaring souls.

My wife was also afraid, very afraid of me... but she decided to invest in me...

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