21 May
Between 35 and 37 years old - The First Lesson - Part I

Soon, the new year came bringing rays of hope and peace. The little star was shining brighter and brighter. It grew visibly, but needed a lot of care and dedication. my dear wife was always with her, while I did what I could to ensure their safety and health.

The little star's routine was heavy and constant... physiotherapy, occupational therapy and a speech therapist. Sometimes we don't know what other people can do for us... these souls and health professionals were excellent, caring and had love for the little star and, indirectly, for us. I leave here the record of how much we owe them along the path of the little star in this world. Thank you very much!

In the professional field, I progressed as a teacher and tried to look for another job to provide more security for myself and my family. I took a public exam to enter a government research center. I was eagerly awaiting the result. It was months of hard work, with a workload at the university, working on different courses, doing what I could best for my students. Reflecting now on that time, I started building the teacher I am today there, in that rush of classes in the three shifts (morning, afternoon and night). That's when I knew I loved teaching and that it made me extremely happy. I made several friends, some now distant, but remembered by me with great nostalgia and affection.

In June of that year, the result of the contest for researcher came out and I had succeeded. That day, I was very happy, because it was a job that would provide more security for my family. I would work with research in my area of expertise. The salary was not very big, but it was safe. I continued to teach at night, as I needed to maintain the necessary conditions to give my little star all the conditions to develop and be able to be a more special human being every day.

During this year, the little star still gave me and my wife some scares. We attended hospitals with some regularity, all possible protections were given to the little star (vaccines, supplements, equipment...) and with a lot of struggle, the little star made her first year. In recognition of the importance of the little star and all those who helped us along the way, we threw a radiant birthday party for her. On that day, I thanked God for winning that year and asking for strength and lots of light for the next year. At the end of the year, the little star was progressing and we were experiencing light and darkness, sun and moon, laughter and tears, tears of joy and sadness. Thus, we learned every day that life should be celebrated with great joy, responsibility, understanding, charity and love.

A new year came... we always had the support of our parents and friends on the journey and the little star conquered hearts wherever it went. I remember that I had managed to work part time to take care of her. I would go to work, leave at lunchtime, pick up the little star and my wife, and we would go to the physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapist. Every day the little star worked on her mission to love and be loved by all... how radiant she was. This was our routine, in addition to trips to the pediatrician, the neurologist, the cardiologist... always confident and always afraid... with each passing day, the love we had for her grew, as if she were plowed and planted soil receiving the rain and feeling each bud grow.

At work, I continued to seek more and more my space with a lot of dedication, enthusiasm and focus. My classes were now in my area of expertise ... she worked every night, which I still do today. Teaching is one of my most beloved and passionate facets, as it gives me a lot of pleasure and joy... it was and is a wonderful therapy, in which problems disappear and joy prevails.

I cannot fail to mention the magnificent work done by my wife, who is also an educator, both for her students and for our little star. Her daily toil was heavy and arduous, but her smile enchanted and still enchants me today. When I saw her with my little star, I saw the mother she was, beautiful, dedicated and full of light. The little star was her life. I am proud of my dear wife, because she has always been a warrior and mother, companion and lover, light and strength.

The little star turned two years old ... unfortunately, she couldn't walk, despite having strong legs and great vitality. Questions were asked, doubts arose, worries terrified us... so we went after the answers... little did we know what was to come....

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