24 May
Between 37 and 39 years - Part II - A remarkable experience...

The little star's life was moving forward, going to school every day, doing her activities and living to the fullest with us. With a lot of dedication and care, we were trying to give her the best we could. She was a sweet...

During my 37 and 38 years, after years of hard and rewarding work as an educator, I was invited to coordinate the course completion work of the college I worked for. 450 students per semester. I confess that it was a great challenge and, if it weren't for the help of the teachers, it would be almost impossible. It was an enriching and rewarding experience, which made me known. Shortly afterwards, I was invited to develop a pedagogical project for the environmental engineering course. I built the project from the beginning, reflecting on the training that I thought was appropriate for my students. I thought about the areas of activity, what the market was looking for and what I believed in as an educator. The curriculum matrix of the course had become very uninteresting. The evaluation of the regulatory body came and the grade was very good for the time.

With the approval of the course, I started my first experience as a course coordinator. I learned to enjoy coordinating and discovered that I was good at doing it. Since then, I have coordinated 10 undergraduate courses at different institutions and 03 graduate courses. I believe that in the act of coordinating, the stars are the teachers and students... the coordinator is the facilitator, a conductor, in partnership with his musicians. If the music is out of tune, the maestro intervenes with the musicians and helps, if the audience (students) complains, we review the processes and means of making the music. We have to make the music inspire the audience, making them want to listen to the songs more and more and learn from them. Learning depends on tuning and harmony between the musicians and the audience. Thus, it should be the learning space.

In these two years, I learned a lot about coexistence, patience, flexibility and solving problems... it was a road full of stones, whose learning was phenomenal. With this experience, I started traveling in my homeland, helping in the process of implementing the course in other states, given the expansion that the faculty was undergoing...

At the end of these years, I convinced myself that I had a vocation to be an educator and that I had a knack for coordinating... I felt happy doing this task... I was always recognized by my peers as a good coordinator. However, as is my personality, I am never satisfied, I always seek to be better... always.

Another striking fact in these years was the invitation to teach at a public university of reference in my area. I started with postgraduate classes, ended up teaching in the Doctorate. I'm proud of that, because I made great friends and the students remember me when we ran into each other on the street. These events also helped to make my life lighter, even with the problems of the little star... Teaching was and is my open sea, always blue, always challenging, always passionate... I always get attached to my students, I always seek give the best possible, always seeking to teach the practice and day to day of the profession, which I am also passionate about.

In the field of public service, I gradually gained recognition as a researcher, finding my way and doing what was right. I miss those times... I had a lot of work and the smile of a little star... my wife was always by my side and always loved... I got the respect of my parents, which was one of the greatest gifts of my life... they were proud of me.

At the end of my 38 years, I was working three jobs, teaching graduate classes and coordinating courses... that's when we decided to travel. But how?

Incredible as it may seem, we were celebrating 10 years of marriage and we had the little star... I remember that, on my wedding day, I promised my wife that I would make her dream come true, a trip to Paris. It was then that I won a plane ticket with a companion... I hadn't thought of going there because of the little star, but our families helped us. My wife spent 4 months planning the trip and the places we would go. I saw the happiness stamped on her face.

Soon, the trip came true... we went at Easter time, the city was full.. As soon as we stepped there, we walked on Batou Mouche, the magnificent Eiffel Tower. The next day, a 12-hour marathon walking tour, Arc de Triomphe, Sourbonne, Jardin du Luxembourg, Churches, squares, museums... third day the Louvre museum, on the fourth day more churches such as the sacre couer , more museums and, oddly enough, we were delighted with the architecture and peculiarity of the city.

Obviously, there was the day of shopping for gifts for our friends and family. That's when I discovered that I loved traveling and walking through history... I had the urge not to go back... but I had the little star, my family, my life. .. I wanted everyone to be there, seeing the wonders we were seeing and experiencing history with their own eyes... a life-changing experience.. the world is so much vaster in culture, history and places than I had ever thought... . so the first lesson continued... we are a breath within the vastness and history of our world... always learning, always surprising ourselves, always broadening our horizons, always seeking to be a better human being...

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